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Hot Web Design and Development – June 2021

Welcome to the June 2021 edition of web design and development. This month’s edition features all the latest news and going on in the web design and developer world. Furthermore, there has been a couple of major announcements from both Microsoft and Apple. On the security front, Western Digital are also in the news and a mysterious trojan is lurking.

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Coding Resources

If you want to learn JavaScript there is no better time to start. This beginner series shows you how it works, also check out this free 7-hour interactive tutorial. If reading is more your thing, take a look at the 20 free ebooks to learn JavaScript.

If you are already a student, some sites can help you learn the best study techniques and methods. If you want to progress in your web developer career there are certain skills that you need. Once you have acquired some skills you should start to get acquainted with NodeJS.

Web Design Resources

Wow has had a design refresh this month. It took 3 months to build on a part-time basis, whilst working full-time and studying for a degree. I decided that dark mode is the way to go. Lots of other changes under the hood. Made the entire site more accessible, re-wrote all jQuery code in JavaScript and road-tested Tailwind CSS. Check out all the other features and improvements that were made.

Homepages play a very important role in any website. It helps build trust plays a vital role in communicating with your visitors. Here are 5 ways to get the most out of your website’s homepage.

If you looking at how to build your own website from scratch. You may be interested in starting with a boilerplate or starter kit. They are the perfect solution if you don’t have a lot of time to spare and require a little understanding of the structure.

Learning CSS would also have its advantages. Here is a cheat sheet that can help you learn CSS selectors. As for learning some of the common features. Here are some CSS tricks that you would need to know.

New OS’s Announced

June has been a bumper month for announcing updates. Microsoft has announced Windows 11, a subsequent and unexpected follow up from Windows 10. A developer release is currently available, and it’s likely to be a free upgrade in the last quarter of 2021. Windows 11 focuses on productivity and introduces better window snapping, Microsoft Teams is likely to be built in, and there will be better support for Xbox.

Apple has announced that the new macOS is going to be called Monterey. FaceTime is getting an overhaul with sharePlay being introduced. The latter enables you to watch movies etc whilst in a video call with multiple people. The shortcuts app which was introduced to iOS is now going to be available for the new release. Some new features are only going to be available with macs that have the M1 processor.

Security Concerns

If you own a Western Digital My Book Live or My Book Live Duo you may have been contacted about a serious incident. Sadly due to a weakness in old firmware the above devices have been targeted as part of a remote command execution (RCE) vulnerability. The attack was executed on many devices that had been port forwarded to be accessible outside the home network. The firmware in question had not been updated since 2015 managed to remotely execute a factory reset.

On the subject of security, a malicious trojan has reportedly stolen 1.2 TB of data. The malware was distributed through email attachments and illegitimate cracked software.

The Best of the Rest in June 2021

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