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Month July 2022

Hot New Web Dev – July 2022

Welcome to Web Dev July 2022, featuring the latest web development technologies. This month we feature a programming language created by Google that compliments C++. The tool of the month bridges the gap between having forms on your website and being able to collect the data in one solution. Eager for more resources? Read on…

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Scammers Targeting Domain Owners – Stop it!

Scammers targeting domain owners won’t be a new thing. Many scams start with phishing emails, which can make you panic. In this weakened state, you may immediately click on the link. From here on you are more likely to venture on and give your details to the scammers who will then steal your money. Recently, I received an email saying that my worldoweb domain had expired. On examining the email it looked pretty legit. I was almost a victim myself.

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Why Is Data Exploration Important?

As big data becomes more and more commonplace, organizations are looking for ways to make sense of it all. Data exploration is one of the key ways to do this. Data exploration is the process of looking at data to find patterns, relationships, and trends. It can be done manually, but more often it is done with the help of special software. Data exploration is important because it can help organizations make better decisions. It can also help organizations save money and time. Keep reading to learn more about data exploration and why it is important.

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