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Hot New Web Dev – July 2022

Welcome to Web Dev July 2022, featuring the latest web development technologies. This month we feature a programming language created by Google that compliments C++. The tool of the month bridges the gap between having forms on your website and being able to collect the data in one solution. Eager for more resources? Read on…

Introducing Carbon

Despite C++ being a dominant programming language, it isn’t easy to learn. Carbon is built on top of and works alongside your existing C++ code. This includes inheritance and templates. It is designed to be comparable to C++ as TypeScript is to JavaScript and Kotlin is to Java.

Currently, Carbon is in early development and should not be used in a production environment. It doesn’t have a compiler and could be years away from a significant release. It sounds very promising for any future development because it has a more gentle learning curve when compared to C++.


Carbons GitHub Page

Web Design Resources

If you are a web designer it is true there are hundreds of tools out there to use that can generate snippets to use in your website. These snippets can include background or button generators, HTML content, CSS animations and much more. If you find it difficult to keep a track of all the tools that are available at your disposal you should check out the ultimate list of CSS code generators.

Coding Resources

Currently, we have Node and Deno which are runtime environments for developing apps with JavaScript. Bun is a fast all-in-one JavaScript runtime which was built from scratch. It’s a complete tool that includes a bundler, transpiler and package manager. The speed of server-side rendering of a React App allowed for 3x more HTTP requests than Node. Version 0.1.5 of this experimental technology is currently in beta so there is a possibility of encountering bugs.

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Interested in learning Object Orientated JavaScript? If so FreeCodeCamp published an in-depth tutorial aimed at beginners. If you are working with Objects in JavaScript you can also learn about destructuring and how this can be done with modern techniques.

If you are a beginner in the web development sector you may find it difficult to get started. Nerdy Dev recently published a video series on the evolution of the world wide web which features client/server architecture and a gentle introduction to HTML.

Web Tool Of The Month

If you have a website with a contact page you have choices on how to display that contact form. You can use load the entire PHP library to use a ready-made script if you use traditional hosting. If your site is static or runs on Node JS you can use a service to process and collect the information.

FabForm handles all the data and sends it to a universal inbox. It integrates well with the majority of Static Site Generators including Hugo and Jekyll as well as Wix and Webflow. Once you submit it, it can be forwarded to Google Sheets and AirTable or exported to JSON or CSV. SPAM protection is included on the server side. At the time of writing, there are 4 plans ranging from a limited free plan which allows for 10 forms and 500 submissions per month. Paid plans start from $10 USD per month.

The Best of the Rest in July 2022

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