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Hot New Web Dev – December 2022

Welcome to Hot Web Dev December 2022, featuring the latest web development technologies. This month follows on from November’s edition which features a grifter out to grab your cash. Are you a victim? This month also features a major security update and the web tool of the month is a copy/paste resource to add usable blocks to your websites. Wishing all my readers a Happy New Year and all the best for 2023. See you in January.

The Grifter is Back in Town

Following on from November’s edition on lifetime deals and whether they are really worth it and the fall of onClick academy where a promising platform turned sour. Victor Bastos is at it again spamming people on his email distribution list. This time he is offering all of his Udemy courses for 1 person to purchase so that they can resell them on Udemy. Judging by Victor’s past attempts at selling, and the failure of onClick academy despite many people investing hundreds of dollars into improving the quality of their learning, I smell a rat.

If you are seriously contemplating the purchase of these courses I would be very sceptical that he isn’t selling to multiple people. I was right in saying that he would be back to make money out of the unsuspecting public. Please don’t risk it.

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Security Updates – LastPass

LastPass has recently released information on the hack that they suffered in the Autumn. The technical data stolen in August was used to access a developer’s account. This access allowed the attacker to access and unencrypt cloud data and backups. The information obtained included basic account info of the LastPass user, unencrypted information such as website URLs and encrypted data including passwords, secure notes etc. If you are using a robust one-time password on your account that hasn’t been leaked in a past hack across the internet you should be ok.

If you are unsure I would recommend that you change your password and look out for phishing emails that target any of the accounts that you have stored. Don’t click on any suspecting links in emails. You may also want to change the passwords of any accounts that the attacker may access with brute force, especially if any of your passwords have been leaked on the web before.

If you are unsure check Have I Been Pwned which is a website that checks to see if your email address or telephone number has been in a data breach.

Source – LastPass Blog

Coding Resources

I have been developing a project with SvelteKit, which is a UI Framework that works both on the server and front end. Version 1 has recently been released after coming out of its beta testing phase. If you are interested in learning SvelteKit there are plenty of up-to-date tutorials on YouTube that will speed up your development.

Looking for software and tools to start learning web development? If so check out 81 must-haves for starting your journey with the number of free code editors, extensions and UI tools to choose from.

Web Tool Of The Month

The web tool of the month for December is UI Verse which is a growing catalogue of web elements written in HTML and CSS. To add them to your web pages copy and paste the code into your designs. Currently, at the time of writing, there are Buttons, Checkboxes, Toggles, Cards, Loaders and Inputs to choose from.

The Best of the Rest in December 2022

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