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Hot New Web Dev – November 2022

Welcome to Hot Web Dev November 2022, featuring the latest web development technologies. This month features a mini intro on an upcoming post on lifetime deals and whether are they really worth it. Are you a victim? The web tool of the month helps you learn which HTML elements can be nested within each other as a parent and child relationship.

Are Lifetime Deals Worth It

If you are looking for a bargain online and you come across a lifetime deal. Do you ever think “What’s the catch?”. Does lifetime mean your life or the product’s life? A few years ago I purchased a Udemy course and not long after I started getting emails from the creator about a new platform, called OnClickAcademy which I was entitled to a free limited account.

I joined it but never actually did anything with the account. I received email updates with very tempting offers such as upgrading to our pro package to receive all the courses available for life. I purchased the pro plan, started doing the lessons and things looked ok.

Every week I received emails with further plans and other deals which I declined to take up. In fact, the spamming of the messages started to annoy me so I opted out of receiving any communication from them which was a simple form on their website. The emails kept coming, probably breaking a few privacy laws along the way!

be good advice for lifetime
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At the beginning of November, I noticed their site had gone down. Then within a day received an email begging for a donation to keep the server alive. Obviously, times are tough right now and costs are rising so if you donate $10 you will receive 5-lifetime plans for family and friends to use. Again I dismissed this after all I only purchased the plan in February. Victor Bastos made one vital mistake when sending his email. He emailed all the people that had bought plans which created a chain of replies. The replies were quite interesting and I’ll follow up on this post in due course.

There are many advantages to buying lifetime deals one of which is value for a service as no one wants to pay for a subscription model if they can help it. Sadly there are always downsides. These can be limits to how much you can use the service or it can simply go bust.

Get Ready For 2023

Some of this year’s trends included ultra minimalism, overlapping text and images, broken grids, gridlines and organic shapes. As 2023 creeps up on what will likely see more animation, immersive 3D worlds, 90’s navigation and new 404 trends.

2022 Trends – HubSpot

2023 Trends – 99Designs

Coding Resources

In this month’s coding resources JavaScript makes a comeback with in-depth articles on JavaScript concepts or functional JavaScript. If you are looking to learn to program for free you will definitely find something suitable out of the following 100 courses and tutorials.

Web Tool Of The Month

If you are familiar with HTML but a little unsure of what elements can be nested within each other, you may find caniinclude useful. It’s super helpful because long ago even nesting a <div> inside a <a> would have resulted in a validation error. If you are unsure you have a tool now that can tell you. Not only does it tell you if you can, but it also gives you all the information to go with it. No more looking through the W3C specifications, your website is valid and Google is happy.

Can I use a <div> in a <a> – Yes you can

The Best of the Rest in November 2022

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