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Hot New Web Dev – October 2022

Welcome to Hot Web Dev October 2022, featuring the latest web development technologies. This month features the latest and upcoming Linux kernel news. Take your learning to the next level with a selection of free courses in IT and Cybersecurity. The web tool of the month helps you learn more about JavaScript operators interactively.

Linux Release 6.0

The new version of the Linux kernel has been released. Although there are no big changes in the latest release It has support for the latest Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm chips. With no major changes, Linus Torvalds has hinted that the next version of Linux 6.1 will include code written in Rust.

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Currently, the Linux kernel is written in C but the addition of Rust will streamline the development process and make debugging easier. Rust is designed for system programming but handles memory automatically. The majority of the kernel will continue to be written in C as it is tried and tested. Developers will have to integrate Rust into their system so it will be a while before we see the new changes.



Learning Goodies

Learning on a budget is one thing that is possible through the modern web. Finding good quality courses to learn from can be a challenge. One course may suit one person and they just “get it” whereas it may put off the next person. If you are in the latter then don’t let it hinder you. There are many fields of IT and Computer Science to engage in and here are 18 free Harvard courses that can help you on your way.

If you are currently learning JavaScript you may have heard about TypeScript, which is developed by Microsoft. Working with JavaScript requires you to remember the data types of your functions and variables. Although this can be self-explanatory when dealing with a small codebase.

When it comes to working with lots of code TypesScript can ensure that you assign and call the right data type. Its type-hinting keeps you on track and can save hours of debugging. Try the beginner’s guide to TypeScript to get started.

If you are currently studying Python and want to move into more Object Orientated Programming you may find the latest crash course on OOPS in Python worthwhile.

If cybersecurity is your thing or you are keen to learn more about networking to ethical hacking then you may be interested in free cybersecurity certifications.

Coding Resources

Currently, in my studies, I am doing Algorithms and the time it takes to run them. This is called Big O Notation. It takes time to understand and wrap your head around the subject so check out the beginner’s guide to Big O and the time complexity chart. As you learn to code and find simpler ways to do things, you can run your code with the best efficiency. You gotta wrap your head around it first!

Web Tool Of The Month

Confused when it comes to Operators in Programming. Do you know what ??= does? JavaScript has many operators and remembering them all is difficult, especially when you are a beginner or new ones are added. The tool of the month is an interactive Operator Lookup, created by Josh Comeau. Simply select an operator and it will give you an explanation of what it does and a code snippet to guide you. It also links to the MDN website to learn more.

The Best of the Rest in October 2022

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