I recently updated to latest version of Linux Mint 8 and after installing Aptana, my favourite IDE, I noticed that my mouse buttons would not work when trying to click buttons. I tried re-installing the software and trying eclipse but it still didn’t work. I found a shell script on Google to solve a gtk bug, unfortunately the link is now dead but luckily I added the code below. I have eclipse installed in my home folder under .eclipse. Here is a little tutorial on how you write that script.

Open gedit or similar text editor and type:

Note: Change YOURNAME to your usename!

Save the file in my .eclipse folder as eclipse.sh

Now navigate into the .eclipse folder, you might need to check show hidden files in the view menu. Right click on eclipse.sh and click on properties. Click on permissions. Click on allow file executing as a program.

Properties Dialogue

Update your menu to point to the newly created file eclipse.sh in your .eclipse directory. Eclipse should now load without the mouse problem.