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MultCloud – Access all of Your Cloud Drives

Multcloud is a convenient way of accessing multiple online cloud drives through the web, with no software installations neccessary, MultCloud can be convenient when travelling from office to home or have several computers in which you work from. With support for services like Dropbox, Box, Amazon S3, Google Drive, OneDrive, SugarSync, Copy, Bitcasa, CloudMe, Cubby, MyDrive,, Yandex, HiDrive, Baidu as well as support for FTP and WebDav you can copy, move, preview, download files from one drive to another with ease.

The Cloud
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What Multcloud Has To Offer

MultCloud and is 100% free with no traffic restrictions. With multiple accounts supported there is no limit on how many drives from the same provider you can add so you are able to add multiple Google Drives etc.  If you are conscious about security all connections and transfers are encrypted for SSL using 256-bit AES and Multcloud does not cache your data or files on their servers. Cloud drives are accessed using OAuth authorisation and does not save your passwords.

On Test

MultCloud has a very simple registration process. Simply go to and fill out your email, username and password, complete the verification box and click create account. After you hit create account you should receive an email to verify your account. Once verified you can sign in and start adding your accounts immediately.  Simply click Add Cloud Drives then this will bring up a list of services available.

MultCloud Add Drive

After selecting the service of your choice hit Next which will bring you to a screen where you enter your email, password etc for that service (All services differ). After entering the required data, accept the permissions and you will see your newly added drive in the file manager on the left. Follow this process for the rest of your accounts. Within 5 minutes I had signed up and added 5 accounts so this process is really quick.

The interface, similar to any other file browser is very clean and simple with a handy right-click menu. I previewed some of my images in OneDrive, which decided to work unlike transferring files, and the image loaded pretty quickly on my 5MB internet connection.

MultCloud Preview

Files can be transferred quite easily by either dragging and dropping or by right clicking on the file/folder then selecting Copy To which enables you to select your target destination/folder.

Now for the real test. I transferred a small video, just over 132MB, from Google Drive to Dropbox which took less than 2 minutes, that is considerably quicker than if I uploaded it from my computer or copied it from Google’s own software.  I attempted to transfer the video to OneDrive too but came up with an error and failed to transfer, whether this is a problem with OneDrive itself, or just relative to the day of test, it certainly wouldn’t deter me from using the service.

Rating: 9/10


  • Fast
  • Easy to use
  • Drag & Drop
  • Useful context-menu
  • Extremely accessible through any web browser and an internet connection of course
  • Good Layout


  • Transfers to OneDrive, worked occasionally but not large files


If you want a 100% free service to get access to multiple cloud drives then MultCloud will do the trick. With the added protection of 256-bit AES encryption you are free to move your files around without having to install multiple file synchronisation software. People will no doubt be saying “What’s the Catch?”

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