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Why is SEO essential for the running of a WordPress Website?

This is for all the individuals who have a WordPress website. Yes, your site is up and running along with a beautiful and well-crafted design. Still, you would need SEO to secure a proper ranking as well as to make the site work at full pace. You need traffic more than anything, so you need your page to rank higher in the search results; thus, you need SEO.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

It is all about staying up on the Google SERP or other search engine results. This is the motto for every business venture, entrepreneur, or the influencer. However, when it comes to implementing search engine optimization strategies, it is easy to get carried away in the technicalities. According to our experts, all you need is a bit of common sense and work on strategies that have actual practical implications.

About WordPress

WordPress itself offers up a number of SEO plugins that are used by users worldwide to do-over the SEO side of the site quite professionally, but there are still various tricks and tips of the trade that you need to consider. In the following post, we have compiled a detailed list for your benefit and easy access while designing the site and implementing SEO strategies. At a branding agency NYC, experts are helping out customers 24-7 with their SEO needs.

Setting up of Permalinks

Permalinks are the URLs on the websites and pages. These Permalinks are what the user’s type in the address bar while trying to surf for a particular page. The links are also used by the search engines to rank your site and websites to link to your page to novel content. For WordPress, all you need to do is navigate to settings to the permalink drop-down menu to access the feature.

Setting up the Sitemap

A sitemap like the Google XML sitemap is highly essential to get your domain indexed by Google or other search engines. Think of a sitemap as a guide to the structure of your website for the search engines. Again, WordPress has an automatic feature for generating a Google XML sitemap.

Don’t forget Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a top-rated tool which is free and easy to use. This tool helps you monitor and track the source of traffic for your domain/webpage. Additionally, you can also access features like traffic behaviour, retention time, and ping rates that helps you to modify content better according to the trend. You can combat spam and locate 404 errors with Google Analytics as well.

About SEO Themes

This is specifically for the WordPress users, as you can choose from several themes on offer for building the foundation of the site. Themes are aesthetically pleasing and give out the air of beauty for your domain. Most of the themes are optimized for search engines as well, so it is a win-win situation for you. Keep in mind a well-crafted theme means there is a chance the code has been optimized for speed and look. It will enable the Google bots to scour your source code faster and as a result, rank your site higher.
WordPress Website

Make use of SEO Plugins

WordPress users also have access to SEO plugins, including the Yoast and the All in One. With the help of these plugins, you can add features including the Meta title, Meta description, tags, keywords, and many more critical resources. Meta details hen added generate better traffic as the XML sitemap is updated after a page content analysis. This means you can enhance the on-page SEO for your domain. As a result, your domain will be available and displayed in the Google search result preview snippet.

About optimizing the media

Media is vital in this day and age. A website is incomplete without the media. If done wrong, all the effort will go in vain, but if done right will generate traffic for your site. For, e.g., when you have images, it is essential to tag them properly so that the images are indexed for the Google image search results. No, let’s not use a complicated name for the image, making it unique. Instead, use WordPress and look for tons of options for title, caption, alternative text, and even description. Leverage all the options available to you to rank your site higher.

Contents need “share-ability”

With the increase in popularity of social media, it is a trend to share articles, blog posts, news items, and even services/products on offer. Leverage the power of social networking sites where millions of individuals stay hooked on. That is a potential lead generation market that you don’t want to miss out on. Make your content shareable and allow them across social networking sites to spread the word and popularity on a global scale.

Importance of Links and Anchor Texts

Yes, adding links to the content is essential but is also necessary to stay aware of the methods to optimize the strategy with respect to the links. You can both link to your posts, previous or a follow-up as well as leverage the external links to authority content for a different website. Both will earn you traffic. Anchor texts are valuable tools, as well. This is the part of the material where the relevant external/internal hyperlink is added. The better the anchor text, the more is the user desire to click to read the follow –up or the authority content.

The better the anchor text, the more is the user desire to click to read the follow –up or the authority content. To make sure you are choosing the perfect anchor text it’s better to use a tool like Linkio which will give you the best anchor text percentage to use in order to get the most out of your link building campaign.

About the Quality of Content

It is imperative that the quality of the content is high and user-engaging. Without these two pillars, the entire website and the venture will fall like a house of cards. The idea is not to post content without grammatical errors but also plagiarism free, understandable, and unique. Yes, it is tricky to get it right, but at the end of the day, the content will always be the king.

High-quality content has the following features

  • Unique
  • Shareable
  • Informative
  • Practical and actionable

Keep in mind to use the proper tags and formatting of the content like the H1 tag for the headings, H2 for subheadings and H3 for the body of the text.

SEO strategizing is tricky, but with proper guidance, you can get done all by yourself.

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