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What will you do if Google My Business can’t comprehend your Business?

Local SEO helps to boost your business locally and in your region. Done correctly, it has helped many business houses increase their local customer base. One of the essential tools that enhance local SEO is Google My Business (GMB). It’s helped several local companies to increase their online visibility.

Google my business web page

Based on the latest report on “Local Search Ranking Factors” by Moz, your Google Business page is a crucial ranking factor. Today, it operates similar to a website. It has rich and informative content, good and quality pictures, user reviews and ratings.

It has all the necessary data that will make a customer know about your business before they make a buying decision. So, people can be at the Google search results and still not know about your business through GMB.  Do you want to leverage this tool? If yes, you have to count on the expert service of an ace SEO agency. To know more about this, you can get in touch with Keyword Fyrebird SEO Services Company.

Google My Business – The Concern

However, with its list of advantages and useful features, Google Business is not an apt service. It typically struggles with businesses that are out of the two generic business types:

  1. The storefronts where the consumers arrive at a permanent business location
  2. The service area business, where business reaches the customers

One of the most common cases is the “pop-up shops” that are fast increasing in number. These shops have been present for a while now. They usually offer consumers delightful and surprising experiences, which a physical store fails. These shops allow brands to provide services and sell products, without paying extra operational expenses that are linked to a physical store, made of brick-and-mortar.

The pop-up shops are mobile and can personalize their services and products to appeal to a specific section of buyers. Sometimes, people think these businesses are temporary. The truth is pop-up shops are legitimate, and Google still has no simple way to help you locate these stores.

Delving into the problem

There are a few problems that stop Google from offering a correct GMB page.

  • Listing claim

It is the first issue. For the majority of businesses, Google should send a business postcard carrying a PIN that validates the business’s location. However, pop-up stores always don’t have the same place. It doesn’t allow Google to send the cards accurately, even to the store’s temporary address.

  • Verification

Here Google tries to verify the way a pop-up shop manages its listing! For example, imagine the consequences you will have to tackle if you create your GMB listing and then keep shifting from one place to the other? Will the past location be declared permanently closed? And if that happens, read get the impression that the business doesn’t exist anymore as opposed to moved location.

Based on this strange Google’s approach, the pop-up shops go beyond GMB’s reach. Consumers can locate them through social media and also the word of mouth publicity.

When it comes to this scenario, no one wins. The shop loses out on probable customers. Also, Google misses out on traffic present on social sites, such as Twitter and Facebook. The users lose as it is challenging to locate a store that interests them in every way. Since Google Maps take in data from GMB listing, the popular apps can’t provide users with the precise directions for these stores.

Taking an example

Let’s take an example of a sports brand that pay’s reduced fees for the approval to operate camps, clinics, and leagues in multiple communities. A meaningful way that this company exercises a low profile is by removing the requirements for a franchise to purchase real estate. On the other hand, the franchise functions from fields and parks that someone else owns. The best part of this business model is that it takes advantage of a surplus inventory.

To many, this might be the correct way of conducting business? The sports franchise has been expanding in the last few years, having increased registrations for the same. However, if you make a Google search with the name of the business, the ideal search results are adequate. It is because this business franchisee couldn’t create the GMB profile correctly.

The issue here is that what makes this business attractive to customers is precisely what goes against it in Google Business. And that is lacking a permanent location. Google doesn’t have a physical location to confirm its existence.

Why does Google Validate the Business?

Google has a set of reasons for verifying local businesses. The service area business needs proper vetting. It also caters to the interest of the business’s consumers and Google, for the search engine giant to make that it is verified, reviewable and reachable. It is essential to keep the balances and checks in place. Simultaneously, this advanced business model also has its grey areas to improve on.

However, Google has been helping expert SEO professionals and agencies to come up with a solution. It indicates that Google is flexible and can evolve, as well. With more companies adopting the business models, that doesn’t have a permanent location; it results in one pertinent question – How can Google adjust as time goes by? If you have a pop-up shop, chances are you need to reason out the benefits of having a Google My Business page. However, it’s always worth having a GMB listing. Google is known for observing the user’s behaviour patterns and the changes they make in them. That helps Google to offer the best experience for the users. And just in case the customers are not able to find the business, then Google always adapts instead of losing the customers to another market player.

It is one pertinent aspect of Google Business that you should know before filling out the details of the page. If you want to experiment with GMB to see if you fetch a positive response in terms of more traffic and customers, consult with a reputed SEO agency or professional.  A company or professional will provide the much-required guidance.

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