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4 Top Money-Making Apps Ideal for College Students

With high unemployment rates, many people are struggling with little cash. Students are no exception either; many are now taking advantage of the internet to seek part-time jobs. Luckily, there are different money-making apps for students, and you can access them using your smartphone.

Money-making - Piggy Bank

General Money-Making Tips

For any student that is needing some quick cash, you should sell all your old unwanted devices. There are various sites that you can trade-in your tech. One of which is Swift Tech Buy

COVID-19 has affected many peoples lives in different ways. With employment reaching an all-time low around the globe everybody is fighting for the same job.

If you are a student then have you got a service that you can offer? Can you do babysit for a child, run errands for the elderly or do some gardening? Popping a little ad on your local Facebook area page could help.

Another alternative is to learn a new skill, such as coding. You never know you might be the next Mark Zuckerberg.

What are the best money-making platforms for students?

Curious Cat

Curious Cat

Curious cat is a trendy question and answers social platform. It comprises millions of users from different parts of the world. It’s a great way of connecting with friends and peers. How does it work? Curious cats pay you to share your views, fill surveys, or try new apps. The tasks are simple, and you can make a lot during your free time.

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Notesgen App

Notesgen is one of the most popular learning apps. It allows students to share notes and other learning materials to help other users and get paid for their efforts. With this app, you can upload handwritten notes in different subjects or competitive examinations.

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Streetbees is a fun app, and most students love it. It’s available on iPhone and Android, and you can install it for free. What makes it unique? It’s one of the best money-making apps for learners on a tight budget. It pays for performing simple assignments like filling surveys.

Visit Streetbees



Foap is an excellent platform for students; it allows you to take your best photos and pays you for doing just that. Isn’t this simple? Yes, and for a good reason. All you need to do is to upload your best photo collection and turn it into dollars.

Visit Foap

The bottom Line

There are various learner-friendly apps that you can use to earn money online during your free time. Many are free to join, and all you have to do is pick your preferred tasks and start earning. But, plan your time well and don’t neglect your studies.


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