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Best Rewriter Apps That Help Students in Assignments

Are you facing the problem of rewriting the assignments and making them unique? Are you looking for the best article rewrite? Here we will tell you the top rewriter apps that can perform your task on the mobile phone.

Not only will these applications will change the synonym, but they will also change its structure. So, without wasting time, let’s talk about the best sentence rewrites.

Top article rewriter apps for the students

Sometimes the users get puzzled while using online applications. This is because they can’t judge easily which one is better for them.

To end the confusion of users, here we have short-listed some article rewriters that are best to use due to their features.

So, fasten your seatbelts because we are going to discuss these tools in detail.

1. Prepostseo

Prepostseo It is one of the best free article rewriter apps that is ultra-fast in its performance and instantly changes an article’s structure.

Users can trust this application as it is safe to use and provides accurate results without losing the central concept.

The prepostseo text spinner is full of advanced features. Now we will discuss some of the best features of this article rewriter that place it on the top of this list.

Upload files

It is difficult to copy the data from one place and paste it into any other application on mobile phones. Users don’t like this factor.

To reduce the effort of users, this application provides a feature to upload files in the box directly. A user has to click on the upload button and select a file from a mobile phone.

Prepost SEO File Upload

Download results

After getting the new text, the user can download it directly and save it on the mobile phone. Here a user again saves the time of the copy-paste process and increases the work efficiency.

Unique text

Users don’t have to worry while using this application as it will change the synonyms and change the whole structure of content.

This factor makes the tool more reliable as the chances of plagiarism in new content get very low, and users will have something new to present.

Free to use

All the features offered by this tool are free for users. No sign-up is required to use this application. One can enjoy all its features without getting registered.

Just go and upload the files or content in the spin box, where it will rewrite all the lines and make it unique for writers.

Safe to use

The essay rewriter by prepostseo is very safe for the users as it doesn’t keep the data of its users. As soon as the user leaves the application, it will delete all the content from its databases.

So, you can feel relaxed while using this application as it will not steal your text.

2. Brox Team Article rewriter

It is another top essay rewriter application that can spin the data of a user can make it exclusive from the original one.

Students can restructure their assignments and make themselves eligible for higher grades. This rewriter application will generate unique content for them.

Here we will discuss some of the best features of this application that will convince the users to try this application once.

Provide suggestions for new content

When a new text is generated, it highlights the rephrased words that are changed with the old one.

If you are not interested in the changes the application provides, you can take suggestions and add any other keyword to make the line readable.

Brox Rewriter

Save the new text

When the users have finished with their work, they can save the new document directly. There is an icon of “save” that a user can click to save the new text file.

Simple interface

The Frontier of this article rewriter application is easy to understand. Therefore, a new user can use and take advantage of the features without any confusion.

Editing modes

One of the best unique features of this application is its editing mode. For example, users can change the colour and style of the font to make it more attractive.

Not every application provides this feature. Users can enjoy this feature and give different shapes to the new text.

Brox Settings

Free sentence rewriter

The features provided by this application are free for its users. They don’t have to sign up here before using the application.

The user has to enter the data in the rewriting box. The algorithm used will scan the whole text and make possible changes to generate a unique text.

3. Originality.AI

Originality.AI is currently the most accurate AI detector on the market. It helps you quickly identify the likelihood that your content has been written by AI (such as ChatGPT or GPT-4) or by a human. 

Users can trust this application as it is safe to use and provides the most accurate results compared to other AI detectors on the market. 

Originality.AI also offers a variety of other tools, including automated fact-checkingsentence rewriterplagiarism checking, and readability scores

Uploading content
It’s very easy to upload any content to Originality.AI. You can upload through files or simply copy and paste your content directly into their detection box. 

Free to use
Originality.AI’s sentence rewriter is free to use and provides accurate and unique results every time. Just go to this page and paste your content in to use the tool:

Originality.AI’s AI detector, plagiarism tool, and fact-checker are all paid tools, although you can test them out with limits on their website. 


If you are looking to get fast results with 100% accuracy and uniqueness, this article spinner is best for you to use.

It can change the structure of your assignments by rephrasing the content to make it more striking. Here we will discuss some best features of this application.

Different modes of new text

Before generating new text from the original one, the user can change the text mode and convert it in different ways.

Users can make the assignment with standard changes or increase its fluency to generate a creative essay in the end.

SIYP Article Rewriter

Upload files

Like other best article rewriters, this application also allows uploading the files directly and saving time.

It can get access to mobile folders and extract data from there making your assignment unique.

Download data

After generating new text, you get an option to download the reports and send them where needed.


Secure to use

Security is the first concern of this application. Users can feel calm while using this application as it doesn’t copy the data of its users.

This fact makes the application trustworthy and reliable to use.

Final words

Students feel it is difficult to make assignments for every subject. But they have to maintain their grades.

To keep their grades better, they can use article rewriter applications that spin the provided data and make it unique.

People get confused while choosing the best essay rewriter, so the provided applications are best to use as they are all free and secure.

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