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Hot Web Design and Development OS Edition – October 2021

Welcome to the October 2021 monthly roundup of Web Design and Development resources. This month’s edition features all the new operating systems. As stated in my previous episode of D&D October was going to be a busy month. Indeed so with Microsoft, Apple and Ubuntu Linux releasing their latest operating systems. In this months edition, we will focus on the new OSs which are imperative to a good coding environment.

Microsoft Windows 11

Microsoft released Windows 11 on the 5th of October 2021. Its predecessor, Windows 10, has been around for a good 6 years. In comparison, it’s had a good life compared to Windows Vista, 7 and the 8 series. Everyone thought that 10 was going to be the last in the operating system line. Meaning that they would roll out twice yearly major updates as well as security fixes etc.

I’m not 100% certain why they developed a new operating system. It’s quite likely that they want to add more features to it in the long run. Something they couldn’t do with Windows 10.

Although I haven’t used it yet I do find that it looks more intuitive and the GUI is much crisper in looks. I have noticed that you have to have a Microsoft account to upgrade to Windows 11. Both PC Mag and TechRadar have reviewed Windows 11 and they have both given it a 4/5 rating. Microsoft will likely continue to add new features to it in the long run.

Apple macOS Monterey

Apple released macOS Monterey 12.0.1 on the 25th of October. It’s got some new features. Focus mode was recently introduced in iOS 15 and now to Monterey. It expands on the original and Do Not Disturb modes which you can now customise.

You can set up individual focuses to separate parts of your life. For instance, I have set up a personal mode for when I’m not at work. Everybody can contact me if needed. I have also a work mode available with muted social media notifications. My colleagues have priority over messages.

Airplay has also come to the Mac. You can now stream music to your Mac from your iPad or iPhone.
Another new feature is to be able to erase all your content and settings like in iOS. This is much quicker if you are selling your Mac as you no longer have to reinstall the operating system.

There are some other new features such as live text where you can extract text out of images. Universal control allows you to use your mouse and keyboard on other apple devices. There are so many new features so I have handpicked a more in-depth walkthrough from 9to5Mac.

As in any new release, there may be bugs that arise. I have had a few glitches so far. Launchpad displays a question mark icon for software that I had installed and no longer use. It also includes software from the Setapp library that I don’t use. I have also had issues with hearing sound on safari through adobe connect. I say only minor issues but I remain hopeful they won’t be around for long.

Mac Monterey Wallpaper
Monterey Desktop Wallpaper

Ubuntu Linux Impish Indri

Ubuntu Linux releases a new version every 6 months. The Long Term Support (LTS) version, released in April, is currently 21.04. The latest version is 21.10, Impish Indri comes with support for 9 months. Again I can confess that I haven’t yet tried Ubuntu 21.10 as I haven’t upgraded from April’s version.

The main new feature is that it runs Gnome 40. Although not the latest release in the Gnome lineup it is a step in the right direction. It includes a new application launcher and horizontal workspace switcher.

At the heart of the operating system, the Linux kernel 5.13 includes drivers for the Apple M1 processor and more. The EXT4 filesystem has had a few tweaks and it also supports the latest Microsoft Surface.

The new default look for Ubuntu comes in the form of the Yaru light theme. This bases itself on Adwaita, a long time Ubuntu favourite. Alternative themes and icons have received an update too.

The default software features an updated Libre Office 7.2, Thunderbird 91. Firefox now installs and any future update from the Snap repository. This is new and could be a feature that we see more of in the future. To learn more about what the latest version of Ubuntu has to offer check out OMG Ubuntu.

Coding Resources

Now we have featured the 3 new operating systems on offer let’s move on to coding. Today’s section features JavaScript. If you are a regular follower of this blog you will know it is a programming language. I’ve not always been a fan of JavaScript. After all, it had its limitations and used to be a pain to work with. jQuery stepped in and various other frontend and backend frameworks since. Only since the creation of Node js in 2009, it has taken off to levels where it’s one of the most popular languages.

If you are a beginner and want to find more resources you will find them in Coding JavaScript – 10+ Worthwhile Beginner Resources. If you have learned some JS already you may be interested in doing some projects. If you are stuck on ideas try a JS Guessing game or have a look at the 40 JavaScript Project Ideas. You will certainly not be short of ideas, that’s for sure!

The Best of the Rest in October 2021

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