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Hot Web Design and Development – November 2021

Welcome to the November 2021 monthly roundup of Web Design and Development resources. This month we saw Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Did anyone pick up a good deal? I bagged a Rank Math Pro Subscription for a fraction of the price. As we gear up towards the festive period. Here are the latest web design and development resources for this month.

The Rise of CSS

CSS is short for Cascading StyleSheets. In web pages, it separates the style from structure. This helps reduce the size of an HTML page and allow you to reuse CSS classes. In 2008 people were using mobile devices to browse the web. This made it difficult for developers to create websites for different devices. In the early noughties, websites used nested tables to display content. If you were one of these websites you didn’t have a chance of viewing it on a mobile browser.

With the introduction of HTML and CSS3, you could resize the layout of your web page using media queries. Catering for different resolutions was now a solution to the problem.

Now responsive web design is mainstream you have a choice of either FlexBox or Grid. Compared to the nested table option above it was a welcome update. CSS doesn’t have a versioning system anymore. It has divided its sections into modules, which get updated with new features. Browsers add these features but it can take a while and it’s always worth checking before using.

CSS Code

If you don’t fancy learning CSS you can always use a CSS framework. Bulma, Bootstrap and Foundation are popular examples. Tailwind can be a little tricky to set up. It is a little different as it generates the CSS that you need from the classes in your HTML. If you fancy the challenge of learning some CSS there are plenty of resources available.

Web Design Resources

The number of jobs in design and development has been increasing over the last few years and are likely to increase more until 2030. Of course, being a web designer is just not about learning to write HTML, CSS and JavaScript. You have to learn about the user interface and design (UI & UX), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Usability and Accessibility. Many choose this path by learning from home. You of course need to keep up with the trends which change every year. You may also find Learn to code in 2022 with 10+ YouTubers useful.

Coding Resources

If you want to learn more about computer science. You may find the article about algorithms useful. Developers create algorithms to solve problems. Design patterns are the solutions to commonly occurring problems. The patterns created are reusable. Think of them as templates or blueprints.

Moving on to JavaScript Resources. You can here are 5 real uses for the reduce method and JavaScript array methods you should know. Moving on to code snippets here are JavaScript one-liners you should know. Not a JS fan? In comparison here are Python one-liners.

Learning Resources

If you are new to programming you may want to start with Python which is a good beginner language to learn. You may find the perfect resource in the top 10 courses for learning Python. If you are more business orientated here are 5 canva courses that can help grow your business. If you have a qualification in computer science you don’t finish your learning. It is important to continue to self teach. If this is a path that you want to follow you may find this guide on self-teaching and becoming a developer. Here are 5 YouTubers that you can watch to improve as a web developer.

The Best of the Rest in November 2021

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