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Learn To Code in 2022 With 10+ YouTubers

Every day is a school day and even I still learn to code. If you don’t already know I am a big fan of learning. I also like watching and learning from YouTubers and I have purchased many Udemy courses. In 2020 I published Top 10 Super YouTube Coders for Learning which featured some very popular YouTube channels. Since then I have come across many more developers using Youtube to showcase various teaching styles. All of the recommended channels have fewer than 78k subscribers at the time of writing but there should be much more in my opinion. Here are the underrated YouTube channels to follow now and as we go into 2022. Here goes in no particular order.

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Programming With Avelx

Avelx concentrates on teaching you as a beginner. You can learn to code with JavaScript, PHP, general programming and much more. As his channel is aimed at beginners he explains things well and could easily get you started on your web development learning path.

Subscribers: 11.3k

Visit Avelx YouTube channel

Luke Diebold

Luke hosts a channel that covers JavaScript and PHP Frameworks like Vue and Laravel. The majority of his content focuses on QuasarJS, which is a popular framework to build apps on mobile and desktop platforms. His teaching style comes across in an easy to understand manner.

Subscribers: 1.74k

Visit Luke Diebolds YouTube Channel

Coding with Justin

If you have a short attention span or even find some videos too long you will like this channel. Justin publishes short videos which pack a lot of information in. He teaches JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue, Firebase and CSS.

Subscribers: 7.8k

Visit Justin’s YouTube Channel


James Murphy is the host of mCoding. His videos cover programming with Python and C++. He also covers mathematics.

Subscribers: 77.9k

Visit mCodings YouTube Channel

John Komarnicki

John covers web development and programming. His tutorials cover NuxtJS, Vue, JavaScript, Tailwind as well as deploying apps to Heroku.

Subscribers: 5k

Visit Johns YouTube Channel

Make Apps with Danny

Danny is an indie app developer that shows you how to create cross-platform apps using technologies such as Quasar, Vue, Vuex and Firebase.

Subscribers: 15.5k

Visit Danny’s YouTube Channel

Dave Gray

Dave teaches you how to build the web, which in turn helps him learn. He publishes projects, tips and tutorials that cover web development. His main subjects are Node, React, Git, PHP, CSS and Web Design.

Subscribers: 10.5k

Visit Dave Grays YouTube Channel

Aaron Saunders

Aaron’s YouTube channel has tutorials on building mobile apps with the Ionic framework, React and Vue. His channel has been around since 2015 and definitely deserves more subscribers.

Subscribers: 2.6k

Visit Aaron Saunders YouTube Channel

HTML All The Things

Originally this channel featured podcasts about the endeavours of 2 web developers that set up their own web dev agency straight out of college. They cover lots of common issues within the industry and offer lots of great tips. Recently they have introduced more video tutorials. With the lowest amount of subscribers on this list these guys definitely deserve more.

Subscribers: 419

Visit HTML All The Things

Steve Griffith

Steve started in web development back in 1997. He covers web design and development, including lots of JavaScript topics including React.

Subscribers: 64.2k

Visit Stev Griffiths YouTube Channel

Python Engineer

It doesn’t take much of an understanding to know what subject he covers the most. You got it Python and machine learning. His content differs greatly from what you have seen throughout this article but if you are interested in learning more about data science the Python engineer is a great source.

Subscribers: 74.4k

Visit Python Engineers YouTube Channel

ComputerScience Geek

This channel is relatively new at the time of writing. His videos cover Python basics to more advanced machine learning. He has also covered HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Subscribers: 972

Visit Computer Science Geeks YouTube Channel


Do you have a favourite coding YouTube channel that is not featured in this list? Please feel free to recommend your favourite in the comments.

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