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Hot Web Design and Development Resources – September 2021

Welcome to the September 2021 monthly roundup of Web Design and Development resources. Unless I have been stuck under a rock, September has been a quiet month. No doubt the next 2 months will be very different! In this edition of WOW Design & Development, we take a look at an Electron alternative. As usual, we also feature the latest and greatest in the web design and development field.

Neutralino JS

In the October 2020 edition, it features an alternative to Electron called NodeGUI. Both are cross-platform libraries for creating desktop applications. NeutralinoJS has been receiving a lot of attention in recent months. Compared to Electron it’s lightweight and doesn’t bundle in Chromium. To make it lightweight it uses the existing web browser library. The latest version at the time of writing is 2.8.0 works on a Raspberry Pi and has support for multiple windows. If you need to build a cross-platform desktop app. The web to desktop framework comparison evaluates and benchmarks all the options.

Photo by Antonio Batinić from Pexels

Learning Resources

Deciding on your career choice in tech may be a difficult choice. If you are more creative UI design might be more your forte. If you are good at solving problems or like a challenge, coding might suit you better. Mixing the 2 could give you more of a chance of furthering your career. Over the years web designers and developers were 2 very separate roles. Now they are more intertwined. There are pros and cons to mixing skills. It is beneficial for designers to learn some code. If you are already a programmer and want to go into a different field consider these 7 alternatives. If you want to learn web development start learning for free with these 6 sites.

One career option is teaching, whether with an education provider or online. FreeCode Camp has published 2 full courses this month. Have you heard of Gatsby? It’s a static site generator powered by React. You can boost your knowledge and skills with the Gatsby course. Another course is learning Vue 3 which is another exciting JavaScript Framework. Also, take a look at the wealth of free textbooks that are available to read online.

Web Design Resources

Silver iMac Displaying Collage Photos

It is safe to say that if you look into past web design, in the early 2000s for example. You would find nested tables as the main layout with basic CSS painting the design. The doctype itself would be a pain to remember and don’t get me started on Internet explorer! The standards have improved since with both HTML and CSS receiving an overhaul.

Layouts like Flexbox and Grid are still complex but browser support is much better. This reduces the need for browser hacks.

Furthermore, you can do much more with your site. Take a look at 20 extremely creative web layouts and visual design 101. On another note the sheer amount of tools to help build your website. Whether you use a CSS framework, a static site generator there is usually a tool for the job. This September featured exciting new tools for designers. Or if you fancy 11 free online tools to make your day better than ever.

Coding Resources

WWhen JavaScript was dull jQuery filled in the gap well. It allowed us to do so much that vanilla JavaScript couldn’t. Now JavaScript has improved and jQuery is becoming redundant. Is jQuery still worth learning? The majority of newbies will tend to learn the JavaScript fundamentals. From this, they will go on to learn frontend frameworks like Vue, Svelte or React. WordPress is not removing jQuery. It is updating to the latest version and removing the need for the Migrate script. This allows for compatibility between versions. On a personal note, I converted any jQuery to vanilla JavaScript in my latest WordPress theme. No doubt many others will follow.

The Best of the Rest in September 2021

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