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Hot New Web Dev – August 2022

Welcome to Hot Web Dev August 2022, featuring the latest web development technologies. This month features the latest in a security exploit. Ambassador programs for students who are doing university courses and free learning opportunities. Our tool/resource of the month is a modern take on a blast from the retro past. Hope you enjoy this month’s edition of web dev.

LastPass Hacked

The popular password manager LastPass became a victim of a security threat. The intruders got access to the server via an exposed developer account. They managed to access and steal source code along with proprietary technical information. No other information became accessible to the intruders. As a result, 33 million users’ data remain safe and users are not required to change their passwords. Currently, they have ongoing investigations to reduce further attacks and strengthen the environment.


Info Security

Calling All Students

Stack Overflow is launching a student ambassador program. This allows students to engage, learn and have input on the future development of its platform. Teaming up with Major League Hacking (MLH) as part of this program. You will have to gather a team together to compete in challenges and hackathons over the next 3 months. As an ambassador, you may get featured on the Stack Overflow blog or podcast. The site attracts over a million developer views each month.

Coding Resources

If you are familiar with JavaScript and want to learn more about how to build with a JS framework. Learn about Vue 3 with a step-by-step video series. Aimed at beginners, this free 5-hour course by Jeffrey Way. The topics covered in the course are components, props, event handling, managing state, composition and much more.

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If you are an established developer do you have a blog? There are many reasons why developers should have their own blog. Such as bringing in another source of income as well as you get the opportunity to help others. You can build your own projects and share your experiences. With this, you can gather feedback which can also help you see things from a different perspective. Sharing this information can lead to gaining a good reputation.

If you are looking for new project ideas for your coding adventure. As a learner at the start, you need to build simple projects, such as a calculator, todo app or a guessing game. As you learn more the projects need to become a little more challenging. If you are stuck for ideas or need something a little more challenging check out this 2 part series on fresh project ideas for developers.

Web Tool Of The Month

You could argue that the tool of the month is not a tool, but you can build with it. System.css is a CSS library for building interfaces that resemble the Apple Mac OS from 1984-1991. Currently, it has components such as buttons, checkboxes, inputs, and select menus. You can also build window dialogs, content boxes and title bars.

The code is not tied to a framework, so you can use it with any front-end framework or with vanilla JavaScript. It’s currently in beta and there are more features planned for future releases. If you like a bit of retro give it a whirl in your next project.

The Best of the Rest in August 2022

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