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Hot New Web Dev – February 2022

Welcome to the February 2022 edition of the latest web development technologies. This month in hot web dev we will feature data structures and algorithms and why they are important. If you love Linux but want to try something new, take a look at the distributions to try out in 2022. As always there is the usual coding and web design resources.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Next year in my university course I will be doing the data structures and algorithms module. I wanted to get a head start so I have been looking for resources. My first port of call was freeCodeCamp which offers a 5-hour course on data structures and algorithms. They take what can be a scary subject and make it easy to understand. If you are wanting to become a developer here are data structures you should know.

Of course, there are lots of types of algorithms. The ones in the course above feature those in Python, which is powerful for professional programmers but easy to learn for newbies. Here is another introduction to algorithms in modern JavaScript.

Web Design Resources

Getting the right landing page is vital for your website and its visitors. Here are 11 layout and design tips to do that. When you venture into the web design world there is so much to remember. The most important is the semantic tags and the order they are in but what about all those attributes. Here are 15 underrated HTML attributes that every developer should know.

Coding Resources

Modern developers use Node and JavaScript to create web apps. It wasn’t too long ago when PHP dominated the web developer world. PHP fell out of favour since the creation of node in 2008 but is still powerful in this modern day. DZone have compiled a comparison between Node and PHP where it highlights the pros and cons of both technologies.

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If you haven’t started your journey into using Git and GitHub then there is no better time to start. I always used to use it on my local computer but since Microsoft’s acquisition, you can have private repositories. This is a game-changer as I can now sync my repositories with my home computers and my work. You may find the ultimate developer tools a handy resource to start learning.

Linux Distributions to Try Out in 2022

Are you a Linux user? Whether you need a switch from your current distribution or fancy a change. 2022 is the perfect time to test new Linux distributions out if you are a new or an experienced user. Here are 5 distributions you might want to test out. If you want to learn more about Linux there is an introduction on FreeCodeCamp.

MX Linux is number 1 on the DistroWatch website and uses Xfce as its default desktop. It uses Debian as its base and is a joint venture between antiX and Mepis communities. It’s known for being simple, elegant and has a solid performance.

Garuda Linux is an Arch-based Linux distribution from India. It has various desktop editions to try out including KDE, Gnome and Xfce. The KDE Dr460nized is beautiful to work with although a little heavy on system resources, if using an older computer.  I switched to Garuda Linux in December and so far I have found it a breath of fresh air.

Garuda Linux 2022
Garuda Linux Desktop

Zorin is the easiest to switch to when coming from a Windows environment. This Irish born distribution comes with Gnome as its default desktop. It uses Ubuntu as its base. It’s been around since 2010 and remains popular with newcomers.

EndeavourOS is an arch-based Linux distribution. It uses Xfce as its default environment and others are available. This lightweight, user-friendly distro is currently 2nd place in the Distrowatch rankings.

KDE Neon uses the LTS version of Ubuntu as its base and uses KDE as its only desktop environment. It comes with all the latest KDE software and there is a developer edition to test all the latest versions out. If you like the KDE environment and want the stability of Ubuntu as your base then give it a try.

Manjaro is another arch-based distribution with a core Xfce desktop. There is also a Gnome and KDE edition as well as varying community editions. Its focus on speed makes this a suitable candidate for older computers. It is also customizable and user friendly.

The Best of the Rest in February 2022

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