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Hot New Web Dev – January 2022

Welcome to the January 2022 monthly roundup of Development resources. As you may have noticed I have shortened the title to Hot New Web Dev for this year. As usual, it will be full of the action-packed world of web design and development and also keep you posted on what’s going on in the tech world. This month we feature a look at the latest release of WordPress. Have you any thoughts on what’s going to happen with your Windows 10 computer when it comes to 2025! Let’s also see the latest in web design and development.

WordPress 5.9 Released

This month saw the release of WordPress 5.9, “Joséphine”. Named in honour of the international jazz singer Joséphine Baker. A lifelong civil rights campaigner with a belief that we could all live in harmony together. Like instruments that blend together to make a beautiful piece of music.

The latest offering brings the release of the new Twenty Twenty-two theme. The default theme is the first in the entire history of WordPress default themes to use blocks. This enables you to customise your site by changing fonts or colour schemes. For a handy tutorial on the new default, block theme visit simple site design with full site editing.

For developers the biggest change is theme.json. It now supports child themes. Which enables users to build a child theme in the WordPress admin without writing any code. Check out the WordPress blog for more details.

If you want to learn more about WordPress development visit learn WordPress.

Web Design Resources

There’s has been a lot of hype about web 2.0 Vs 3.0. Web 2.0 arrived in the early 2000s’. It gave us cloud computing with user-generated content and social networking platforms. It gave us a different way of using the internet.

Currently, the internet runs servers on a centralised network. This network allows a small group of people to access all the information at once. This isn’t a good thing. Web 3.0 is about the internet becoming de-centralised. This means that no one can access the information or processing power at any one time. Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology run on a de-centralised platform which makes it secure. If you want to learn more head over to MUO.

If you have been learning CSS and want to put your new skills to the test. Check out CSS Speed Run. It’s a little app that puts you through your paces. It asks you to enter the correct selector(s) for the snippet of code. There is a timer running in the background which adds a little pressure.

Coding Resources

I am currently doing a university degree and I am currently doing the Java module. So far I haven’t experienced a lot of problems with the syntax or OOP. As with all programming languages, there are pros and cons to them. I always hear lots of negativity towards Java so I dedicated this month’s section towards it.

In my module, I am required to use the BlueJ software for my assignments. I don’t get on with it so I use Visual Studio Code instead. The moral of the story is by finding the right piece of software to fit your needs is key to enjoying it. You may find 10 reasons to learn Java useful if you are looking for information.

People at first think that Java is JavaScript which can confuse a lot of people. Although JavaScript has become popular over the years, they are very different. Check out the comparison between the programming languages.

What are you going to do with your Windows 10 Computer?

Upgraded to Windows 11 yet? With a lot of Windows 10 devices out there and only a certain amount that can be upgradeable what will you do?

close up of a keyboard
Photo by Nothing Ahead on

You have 3 choices:
Upgrade to the unsupported Windows 11. There are ways to install Windows 11 even if Microsoft doesn’t support your computer. You may find that you have compatibility issues with software or updates. Upgrading this way could affect your warranty.

As it will be another 3 years until you have the choice to stay with Windows 10. You will not receive any security updates which will leave your OS vulnerable and open to attack. The likelihood of you needing to buy a new computer during this time is high. Any new computers should now come pre-installed with Windows 11.

Another option is to make a switch to Linux. If you only use your computer for web browsing, social media and the odd game you can’t go wrong. It can save you from having to shell out money for another computer. There are different distributions to choose from. Linux Mint and Ubuntu are two popular versions. I recently switched a 6-year-old device to Garuda Linux. Linux can breathe new life into your hardware as it uses fewer system resources.

I haven’t tried Windows 11 yet as don’t have a device compatible with it. I have known two people that made the upgrade with one being official. Both users haven’t had the best experience. One has had to do a full reinstall of Windows 11. The unofficial upgrade has since reverted back to Windows 10. Do you like Windows 11? Which choice do you see yourself taking come the time?

The Best of the Rest in January 2022

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