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Hot New Web Dev – April 2023

Welcome to Hot Web Dev April 2023, featuring the latest web development and security news. This month features the latest version of Ubuntu. The latest MacOS malware can gain access to your sensitive data, including your passwords. OnClick Pro is now being rebranded platform X. New name but defaults to the original scam. The web tool of the month hooks into all the popular web frameworks.

Ubuntu Lunar 23.04 OS Released

I’m a big Linux fan and even though I predominantly use a Mac I still have a soft spot for Linux. I first started experimenting with Linux, when Windows Vista was released. I first tried Ubuntu in 2007 and have closely followed its development ever since.

The latest version is called Lunar Lobster and features a new installer which is built using Flutter. Python has been upgraded to 3.11 and the kernel 6.2 can build and run low-level rust modules although currently there is not much you can do.

The default version comes with Gnome 44 which added improvements to the settings and Nautilus file manager apps. The latest release isn’t a long-term support version so if you require LTS use 22.10.


OMG Ubuntu

Ubuntu Discourse

Atomic macOS Stealer Malware

Malware on a Mac is somewhat of a rare thing. Long gone are the days when malware only affected Windows PCs, due to them being a predominant user choice. The rise in popularity of Macs and Linux Operating Systems makes them a worthwhile target due to them gaining more attention.

black android smartphone on top of white book
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The latest in macOS malware AMOS has been found on Telegram selling for $1000. The malware is distributed as a DMG file which can be passed off as legitimate software.

Once installed a fake system prompt will acquire the password and access to the files in the desktop and documents folder. Sadly this is not all the malware can access. It can access your keychain containing your passwords as well as passwords and autofill data in all of your browsers.

To avoid this malware avoid downloading DMG files from the internet. Only trust reputable sources or download any software using the Mac App Store.



Coding Resources

Currently, in my uni course, I am studying algorithms and data structures. I can vouch that it has been the most challenging module I have completed so far yet I hear that you don’t need to study computing science to be a programmer.

While I can partially agree with this I do find that algorithms and data structures help with understanding and writing efficient code and can elevate your career. If you are interested in learning more about algorithms visit FreeCodeCamp’s data structures and algorithms reference guide.

If you want to look at some algorithm examples check out dynamic programming – algorithms everybody should know.

OnClick Updates

Here is a little update on the onClick scam. I continue to receive emails from victims that have purchased a one-time deal to find that they continue to advertise the same deal. After many months of receiving emails with fake promises, onClick Pro has now changed its name to Platform X. Guess what, they are selling the same deals at a knocked-down price. Please avoid.

Web Tool Of The Month

The web tool of the month is an open-source Tailwind CSS component library Flowbite with over 600 UI components, sections and pages. Whether you need a hero, a project portfolio or a customisable navbar Flowbite has many items available for free.

One of its best features is easy integration into an existing project with support for React, Vue, Svelte, Astro and many more. There is a pro version available for designers and developers starting at $149 USD, but for most people, the community edition would be suitable.

The Best of the Rest in April 2023

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