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Hot New Web Dev – May 2023

Welcome to Hot Web Dev May 2023, featuring the latest web development. This month features a very special birthday. PyPi is to implement an important security feature by the end of the year. The web tool of the month is a fun CSS editor that is pointless and possibly painful to use.

PyPI To Implement Mandatory 2FA

Following February’s edition of Hot Web Dev which reported fake PyPi packages distributing malware and various takeover attempts due to compromised passwords. To improve security all project owners are now being forced to use Two-Factor Authentication by the end of the year.


Hacker News

Let’s Celebrate – 20 Years of WordPress

It’s been around longer than Twitter, TikTok and Tumblr. On the 27th of May WordPress turned 20 years old. WordPress was created from a fork of B2/Cafelog by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little.

Little did they know that it would power 69 million websites worldwide by 2013. To sum up, the changes since its release the first-ever version was 235 KB zipped compared to today’s version which is 23,295 KB. I doubt that a server 20 years ago would have been able to process the latest release, which just goes to show how technology has advanced over this period.

white printer paper on a vintage typewriter
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Nowadays there is a lot of competition when it comes to building a website. Wix is a popular online website builder and at one stage used some of the code from WordPress in their proprietary app. This caused a little friction with Matt Mullenweg requesting Wix to release their app under the GPL. WordPress isn’t just a blogging platform it is also used as a Content Management System, which makes it more versatile.

For all of you that are feeling nostalgic download and read the free ebook: Building Blocks: Evolution of WordPress.

I will look forward to seeing WordPress in another 10 years.


Celebrating 20 Years of WordPress

Coding Resources

The JavaScript framework Vue has been updated to V3.3. The updates include better TypeScript compatibility and new experimental features. If you are new to Vue then check out the Vue Made Easy article. If you are new to development frameworks you may need some support on how to choose the right web development framework.

Once you have chosen your framework you have a choice whether to use JavaScript or TypeScript. Having some knowledge of JavaScript is handy to learn TypeScript but if you are used to working with statically typed languages such as Java it shouldn’t be such a steep learning curve.

OnClick Updates

I haven’t received too many emails recently but the ones I have received are still offering the same deals. One email says that you can make 3 million a year. If I was earning this much a year I certainly wouldn’t be selling it for $69. Don’t believe everything you see.

Web Tool Of The Month

The web tool of the month is a CSS tool with a difference. CSS Toaster is an open-source pure CSS 3D editor which is built using React. Every model uses only HTML and CSS and you can export your models to JSON and import them back in when needed. There is no real purpose for the application and it can be quite a learning curve to use but fun to see.

The Best of the Rest in May 2023

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