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Hot New Web Dev – April 2024

Welcome to Hot Web Dev April 2024, featuring the latest technology and web development news. This month features the impact of short-form content with short attention spans and tools for visual learners. The tool of the month packs a whole heap of features into a development environment you will want to install.

Do Short Videos Cause Short Attention Spans?

Are short videos designed for individuals with short attention spans or are they created solely for the quick production and conveying information more efficiently?

Thinking back to life before the internet when there was no social media, families watched the news on the TV at specific times of day, TV ads were entertaining. Nobody knew anything unless it happened in the area you lived in. Videos were on tape that had to be watched on a VHS player and life seemed simple.

Now we have social media companies fighting over advertising space, data protection issues, misogyny, fake news, targeted ads and short-form video content that has no meaning other than to get likes. In studies by Dr Gloria Mark attention spans have decreased from 2.5 minutes in 2004, down to 47 seconds and it’s getting worse.

Learning Resources

Visual learning is the preferred method for individuals seeking comprehensive understanding. An example of visual learning can be found in a new game OhMyGit which visually teaches Git. Game features include a playing card interface with commands, an icon and a description. It can interact with remote repositories and workflows. Curios people can also use the built-in terminal to issue commands.

Another visual learning aid is Flyde, an open-source visual learning environment for VS Code. It integrates with existing Node, TypeScript and browsers. Its flexibility displays recursions, loops and conditional statements. Use cases include novice developers learning the trade, transforming an existing codebase to a low-code visualisation and empowering educators to teach real-world programming projects.

2024 NodeJS Crash Course with Brad

Coding Resources

Data science is like being a detective in the digital age, equipped not with a magnifying glass, but with powerful algorithms and mountains of data. It’s the art of unravelling mysteries hidden within the numbers, transforming raw information into actionable insights. Data scientists are modern-day detectives, armed with statistical tools and coding prowess. Dive headfirst into the abyss of 50 free data science courses to uncover hidden gems of knowledge.

scientists checking data
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Self-hosting applications have become increasingly popular in the web development community. They offer greater control and flexibility for developers to manage their projects and resources. SelfH is a directory of self-hosted applications. Whether it’s novice developers honing their skills, transforming existing codebases, or empowering educators to teach programming projects, self-hosting tools have proven valuable in various use cases.

WOW Tool Of The Month

The tool of the month is a next-generation web development environment designed to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. With ServBay, you can install your PHP or Node JS web development environment in three minutes, hassle-free and without any dependencies. Whether you’re a new or seasoned developer, ServBay offers a comprehensive suite of tools, including web servers, databases, email, DNS, and other utilities.

ServBay is more than just a web server; it’s a complete development platform. ServBay supports a range of databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL and NoSQL, ensuring you have everything you need to build dynamic websites and applications. With support for custom domains and SSL certification, you can be assured that your projects will be secure and professional. Currently, ServBay is only available for MacOS with no plans for a Windows or Linux version.

The Best of the Rest in April 2024

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