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Hot New Web Dev – May 2024

Welcome to Hot Web Dev May 2024, featuring the latest technology and web development news. This month’s edition comes late due to my hectic work life and university study schedule. May was full of assignments and exams. The academic year is over now and this edition features exposed algorithms and a fresh batch of learning resources. The tool of the month is for developers who have an eye for design.

Google Search Algorithm Leaked

An anonymous user has leaked 2500 pages of Google Search API documents. Some ex-Google employees have validated the documents and exposed further practices used in recent times.

Some of these practices include whitelisting and demoting sites to be shown during democratic elections or throughout the COVID-19 pandemic and how Google utilizes cookie history and logged-in Chrome data.

Anyone who runs a blog may have noticed in the past few years that their website rankings are much lower on Google now than ever. I have seen this over the last few years although this blog isn’t run for profit, it doesn’t affect it too much. It does however hurt those running a business and it is probably why I see an increase in YouTube content.

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I am quite impartial on this blog unless it comes to scammers. Google is a big business and stands to make more money from other big companies featured at the top of their search results. Another reason could be that everybody consumes video content more now as our attention spans are significantly lower than 20 years ago, as reported in the April edition. Who knows what will be the outcome but Google will likely remain a popular search engine. Bad press is more press after all.



Learning Resources

C is an old low-level programming language that is difficult to learn but can also teach you the fundamentals of languages, such as C++, Java and Python. Dr. Charles Severance, also known as Dr. Chuck is a professor at the University of Michigan. He is the instructor of the popular online course Python for Everyone. If you fancy a go at learning C, head over to FreeCodeCamp for the full video tutorial.

If you prefer to start learning C++, there is an open-source free 30-day course with a structured curriculum.

Coding Resources

NodeJS 22 has been released. The latest features bring previous experimental features into maturity. The –watch flag is now stable and doesn’t output a warning message. The –run flag is an alternative faster way to run package.json scripts.

A new –experimental-require-module flag has been introduced to improve interoperability between ES modules and the older common JS system. There are many other features and improvements. Check them out on

WOW Tool Of The Month

The tool of the month is Ark UI, a fully customisable library for building accessible components for web apps. A good selection of components is available, including cards, menus, pagination, toasts, tooltips, tabs and many more. Requests can be made to add more via their roadmap. Ark exports components for React, Vue and Solid projects, with Svelte currently in development. All components come unstyled which gives you the ultimate freedom to put your stamp on them.

The Best of the Rest in May 2024

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