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How to Enter a Career in Technology

Technology is transforming every industry across the world and changing the lives of billions of people every day. It has evolved rapidly since it’s invention and continues to grow and change every year. It is therefore unsurprising if you want to secure a career in the forward-thinking field. Find out how to enter a career in technology if you think this is the right path for you.

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Explore Different Technology Roles

There will be thousands of tech careers for you to consider, so you won’t be short for options when searching for different roles to complement your passion and skill set. For example, you can enjoy a career as a web designer, IT technician, digital marketer, or data scientist. The choice is yours! Simply do your homework to find a career that will make you want to jump out of bed every single morning to get to work.

Find a Career in the Right City

Of course, career demand can also determine your decision. You could, therefore, develop your skills to complement professional demand in your city or town. Alternatively, you could move to a city that complements your passion and knowledge. For example, budding digital marketers would be wise to move to Manchester, which is quickly becoming the home of UK digital talent. Learn more about the digital tech scene to start an exciting career in an exciting city.

Enrol in a Course

If you want to stand out from the competition and increase your experience before entering the tech industry. You should consider enrolling in a college, university or training centre course. By choosing to embark on a full-time or part-time course, some entry-level workshops might even be available during evening and weekends to fit around your current career. Alternatively, you could enrol in an online course, which can be a cost-effective, convenient way to master a new skill, boost your knowledge, and secure a qualification.
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Apply for an Apprenticeship

Many companies are more than happy to hire budding tech professionals for an apprenticeship. Doing an apprenticeship will allow you to work alongside talented experts who can help you develop your job-specific skills and learn more about an industry. It’s a great stepping stone to a successful tech career.

Learn HTML

HTML is the language used to help display web pages. Learning HTML will only help to support a technology career application. It doesn’t matter if you want to become a computer programmer, information architect, or technical writer, this sought-after skill will stand out on a CV and could help you secure an apprenticeship at a flourishing tech company.

Read About Your Chosen Field

If you are truly passionate about technology, you should try to read as much as possible on a subject to increase your chances of securing a career. Your local bookstore or library will be filled with books to help improve your knowledge. In addition to physical books, you should read trade articles online and subscribe to technology magazines so that you can stay on the cusp of the latest and greatest changes. Try to read specific books about your preferred career avenue so that you can learn more about the position and industry, so you’ll have plenty to talk about during an interview. Your passion and knowledge alone could convince an employer that you’re the right candidate for a role at their company.

Write a Program

Do you want to become a computer programmer? It’s an essential skill for many technology experts. You might be happy to learn that you don’t need qualifications to make it as a programmer.   Prove you have what it takes to make it in the industry by writing your own program. You will, however, need to choose from multiple languages, which can include Java, C++, C#, Visual Basic, plus more. JavaScript is often one the best languages for newcomers, so it can help you get off to the best start when programming. You also don’t need many tools to get started, as all you’ll need is a web browser, online tutorial and a text-editing program.

The more you learn new coding languages and can adapt to new technologies throughout your career, the more of an asset you will be to a company. All you need to be able to do is follow a tutorial and transfer it to different programming settings. You can guarantee an employer will be impressed by your skills once you explain you’re self-taught, and they’ll be more confident in your initiative and ability to learn.


Build a Website

Once you believe you thoroughly understand HTML and JavaScript, you should put your newfound skills to good use by building a website. Not only will it allow you to create a website that will capture the attention of a prospective employer, but you can have a little fun, use different tools and experiment with the design. The hands-on experience will help you get to grips with the process, and this valuable knowledge could serve you well throughout your career.

Volunteer to Help with Technology

If you want to gain experience in technology as a newbie, you should consider volunteering your services to a family member or friend who requires assistance with their various tech devices. Helping a loved one will ultimately test your ability to communicate with others about technology, which is, of course, a must-have skill for various technology professionals. If you want to grow your portfolio, you should offer your tech skills to a non-profit organisation or community groups in need of expertise for little or no charge.

Become a Freelancer

Once you are confident in your knowledge and ability, you should consider becoming a freelancer. This can help you to set your own rates and add to your growing portfolio. There are multiple ways you can gain new clients, as you can ask your friends and family to spread the word. You can sign up to a freelance website to secure new clients from across the world. Your first freelance client will help you to become a tech professional overnight, and you’ll learn to work under pressure and adapt your skillset to complement a client’s needs.

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