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Top Ways to Drive Traffic to Your Website

As a business in today’s modern, technology-loving world, who has an online presence, driving traffic to your site is one of the most important metrics to determine what type of visitors you are getting and how you can optimise your site to convert them. The Internet is full of competition so standing out in the crowd is the only way you’ll be able to break through this barrier and gain the hits your website needs to win new customers.

The information gathered about visitors also helps to give you an insight to a range of things such as your demographics and how people use your site plus tells you how well certain aspects are doing, and where you need to make improvements. The key aspects of driving more customers also need to focus on getting the right people to your site based on this information, as high numbers don’t always mean high conversion rates.

So how do you go about increasing traffic to your site to boost leads and generate sales? Check out some of the ways you can implement changes to help get in front of the right people.


On-page SEO

Making a website isn’t just about making it look pretty. However, aesthetics and usability are important factors because if your website can’t be seen, then no one will be looking at its incredible design.

Optimising your site so that it’s found easier in search engines is one of the first things you can do to improve its performance. There are many ways in which you can use SEO tactics to improve results but some easy ones to implement at the outset. Include producing accurate and searchable meta descriptions for your pages and incorporating clear and concise titles that give the visitor the exact information to make a decision on whether they should visit the page or click off.

Part of the overall onsite strategy for on-page SEO should include creating a blog that has regular and useful content that appears in search results. This content shouldn’t be a keyword stuffing exercise; if well researched and unique your audience can trust and recognise the source.

SEO – Keywords

Keywords play a big part of your on-page SEO strategy and targeting specific words that are relevant to your niche can help bring in relevant audiences who want to buy your product or service. There is a lot of competition for main keywords so focusing your efforts on targeting long-tail keywords that have smaller volumes may mean you rank higher in these terms and, in turn, see better hits to your site.

As the Internet develops and the use of voice recognition becomes more widely incorporated into everyday lives. People will often use specific phrases so taking advantage of this earlier may reap the rewards for future search results. If you’re struggling about where to start with on-page SEO, hiring an expert such as That Web Look can help you build and design a fully optimised site with digital services to help build your brand.

Be social

Social media is one of the fastest growing methods of marketing.  Furthermore, it can be specifically targeted to get you in front for the right people. That said, with billions of users, building your own business platforms is difficult if you haven’t got something interesting to say. News feeds are changing within seconds, so you have only a tiny amount of time to make an impression on your followers.

In that lies the next issue, getting the followers in the first place. Social media is a fickle place and what’s hot now, is gone the next. So how do you stand out? Being active on social media and building a personality online is one the top ways that people will start interacting with you. Social media gives your business a face, and with that, you can gain invaluable insight and feedback about what your audience wants and why they visit your platform.

In the short-term, they may have come to your page for an offer or promotion but keeping them interested will require more than just stuffing promotions in their face at every second. Once you have them hooked, keeping them interested with relevant and light-hearted information can often reel more people in and using images in posts are also more likely to engage people rather than tons of text that people will skim over.

Email marketing

This type of marketing is one of the best ways to keep customers informed about the latest products and services you offer. It gives them the chance to take advantage of promotions with a call to action element directing them straight to your site.

The way email marketing is developing and especially with the new regulations relating to GDPR, you will actually find that you have a targeted audience wanting to receive your news rather than a database full of people who never open your emails.

Email Marketing

Providing useful and relevant content via email is important too, as your customers don’t have time to read lengthy emails that don’t relate to what they originally signed up for.

Provide them with an option of finding out more but make it intriguing, will make them want to click-through to your website and not just hit delete straight away. Subject lines hugely affect open rates too and if you’re subject is dull and don’t shout open me in that split second, you’ll probably see a huge number of unopened statistics or in the worst case unsubscribes.

Online Marketing

There are many ways to drive more traffic to your blog including advertising online. Using paid search and optimising landing pages. By using your analytics to see what works and doesn’t, can help you determine the best strategy to sustain healthy visitor numbers plus attract new ones for business growth.

These methods aren’t a quick fix for poorly performing sites and should be looked at as a long-term effort to maintain good conversions and bring in new customers for steady business growth.

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