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The Spin and Win Sham – Online Gambling

Gambling, casinos, spin and win, is big business. No doubt everybody has had a flutter now and again. A little bet on the horses or your favourite sport won’t break the bank but if you have an addictive personality that one bet might lead to misery down the line. The expressions “Just one more time” or “When the fun stops, stop!” won’t help when your bank is empty or your life is destroyed. In this article, we’ll explore the tricks of the trade to part with your money and once you have been hooked what they do to keep you there.

Please bear in mind that I do not work in the business nor is this post sponsored or its contents affiliated with any company. However, this article does reflect a battle with online gambling by a real user, who prefers to remain anonymous. If you or someone else you know has a gambling addiction you may benefit from reaching out for help.

slot machines- spin and win

My Story

Over the years I have played the lottery, had a flutter on the horses when it came to the Grand National but wasn’t that interested in online gambling. My first venture started when I visited family in New Zealand and they took me to an actual casino. I enjoyed the buzz when I won but knew that this would be difficult to do once I was home so I looked into online casinos, in particular, spin and win.

Spin and Win

At first, on other online websites, you receive a bonus when you make an initial deposit. You can play and win a certain amount then withdraw.

With Spin and Win, if you keep on winning you are not able to withdraw the money as it’s classed as a bonus win. One time I won over £300. Like many people, when they have won a substantial amount, I tried to collect my winnings.

Sadly I was unable to and the following day I complained. When I received a response back they stated that my bonus had run out at midnight, despite me trying to cash in before midnight. As a result, I could not claim anything.

Little did I know is that this encourages you to carry on spending with your own money being used until it runs out. This leaves you with only the bonus money which limits the games you can use it on. This further encourages you to add more funds.

Naturally, I wasn’t happy about this but I still have money on my account so decided to keep playing. At the time I was looking after my disabled husband and a little bit of extra money would have come in handy.

I wanted to try other sites but I decided to stay and as a result, became addicted. I continued and started winning on 3 games, winning £1500 each time. When I tried to claim the money back it takes days to return the funds, which further encourages you to keep gambling, eventually losing it all.

I was a VIP at the time, the bonuses were up to 50% every time I added funds.

The money in my bank account began to dwindle and there seemed to be no end in sight. I made a huge decision and decided to stop.  I emailed them to ask them to close my account. They eventually closed my account and I haven’t heard anything since. In 10 years since my visit to New Zealand, I have lost over £17,000 and at the peak, I was depositing £200 a week.


I have seen many people with similar personalities become addicted to gambling. Right now is a difficult time for us all. People are bored. If you value the contents in your bank account, online gambling may be fun but before you know it, it could become an addiction. One that can ruin lives!  Consider reading learn a new skill on lockdown to see what other interesting things you can do if you feel the urge.


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