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Hot Web Design and Development Resources – May 2020

Welcome to the monthly roundup of Web Design and Development news and resources published in May 2020. With so many resources available I have handpicked a collection of useful websites that will keep you busy until next month. This month we feature the new release and alternative to Node, responsive web design turns 10 years old, coding for kids as well as some useful resources on web development.

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Deno Released

If you are familiar with NodeJS then you may be excited by Deno which released its 1st version on the 13th May. Deno is still in its infancy was created by Ryan Dahl as an alternative to Node but not a replacement just yet.

Node was created in 2009 and has pioneered JavaScript development, making it one of the most popular programming languages. Over the past 11 years, JavaScript has improved considerably which prompted Ryan to create Deno.

Deno incorporates built-in JS features including the Fetch API. This reduces the need for using NPM packages and configuration files, which Node heavily relies on. Since it’s release there have been quite a few articles and tutorials cropping up on the web. One of which uses Deno to build an API.

Responsive Design Turns 10

It’s 10 years since the birth of responsive design. Technically speaking it was in April but the following article by Ethan Marcotte celebrates. Responsive web design allowed us to create fluid grids which adapted to different screen sizes.

Flexible images that grew or shrunk to fit its container and CSS media queries to allow us to target different media such as screen widths and print styles.

On the subject of web design. Webdesign Ledger published an article on 10 websites and apps all designers should be using and Hongkiat published their monthly collection of resources.  Web design and development has changed rapidly since the onset of HTML5 and CSS3. It will interesting to see what web design has to offer in the next 10 years.

Coding for Kids

Wherever you re in the world there is a good chance that Covid-19 has somehow affected your life and if you have children their lives too.

While education has been affected and many children are left at home becoming bored. Even gaming for 12 hours a day can become a little monotonous! Why not get your children into coding. Codakid’s article on Coding for Kids: The Ultimate Guide for Parents in 2020 has some useful resources to get started.

If your child has already established the art of coding and they fancy a challenge then take a look at The 8 best coding challenge websites.

If coding is not something your children are interested in then how about drawing. There is a useful YouTube video playlist.  If drawing and coding are not in your children’s interests then take a look at Learn A New Skill on Lockdown.

Web Design and Development Articles

If you have been in the web design and development field for many years you will now that trends come and go. Some hang around several years like flat design and layouts such as the one-column layout. Here is a feature-rich article on the top 21 web development trends in 2020.

Security is an important part of creating apps and it’s something you should always bear in mind when developing apps.  13 security tips for your front end apps is a useful article which covers XSS attacks, SQL injection and much more.

Furthermore, if you are using a Mac check out the article on free web development apps for Mac.

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