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Hot Web Design and Development Resources – June 2020

Welcome to June’s monthly roundup of Web Design and Development news and resources. I have scoured the web to find collections of useful websites that will keep you busy until next month. In this edition, we feature the mighty JavaScript. How to develop a good coding mentality and the usual web design resources section.

In the field of tech Apple have announced their successor to Catalina. The new macOS version named “Big Sur” will arrive sometime in the 4th quarter of the year. As usual, It drops support for older pre-2013 models that currently support Catalina.

Coding Mentality

Learning to code is not something you can do overnight. It takes a lot of patience and practice at the start and at points you may want to quit. It’s all about mentality and setting up achievable goals. Head over to 22 things you should give up if you want to be a successful developer. In the article, he covers lifestyle, which leads to an active mind and stop trying to do everything at once.

Calm Coding Environment


By no means, I am not a professional coder. I’ve dabbled in many languages including PHP, Java, Python and most recently JavaScript. Once the principles are learnt they can apply to any language you need to work with. You do not have to learn everything in every programming language and nor should you. There is a huge programming community of professionals that are willing to help. Don’t be afraid to use it!

JavaScript Resources

Over the years, there is a huge surge of JavaScript articles. Its popularity is due to the creation of Node JS and frontend frameworks like React and Vue. So much so that it’s pretty difficult to pick out articles that might be suitable for my readers.

The approval of the latest version of ECMAScript specification is good to go. This means that there will be new JavaScript features rolling out for developers. One of the new features is the variable BigInt which allows developers to work with big integers. If you find this interesting head over to Areknawo to learn more about the new features.

If you are a beginner at JavaScript the ultimate road map to studying JavaScript – Basic to Advanced. It gives you pointers on where to start and the things you should cover at the beginning.

When you first start your coding adventures you are likely to come across arrays. At first, they can be difficult to wrap your head around, especially when you need to loop through them. This area in JavaScript has improved over the years with new methods to help work with them. The following article introduces you to 5 of them.

Once you begin to get comfortable in coding with JavaScript you may want to show off your talents. By putting together a portfolio any prospective employers can hunt you down. If you are stuck you will find these project ideas useful.

Web Design Resources

Every month there are good tools, services and freebies available for web designers. 15 awesome tools and services have some goodies including WordPress themes, plugins, software and more.

A web design mockup

Web designers have different ways of creating mockups, also known as wireframes. Some prefer good old fashioned pen and paper to get their initial ideas into a plan. More so now designers are using software or web services. Spyre Studios article on the best free mockup tools for 2020 will give you a few ideas.

The Best of the Rest

Clean Code Functions


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A (Very) Beginner’s Guide to webpack

7 Python mistakes all beginner developers make — and how to avoid them

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