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Hot Web Design and Development – May 2021

Welcome to the May 2021 edition of web design and development. This month’s edition features the latest security exploits that developers have scrambled to fix. We have a section featuring all things CSS, including how it works inside the browser. You will see all the latest in coding and web design resources.

Originally this blog was set up to discuss security issues within Windows OS. The majority of my posts now are related to web development. I still report on subjects involving security and fraud. During May 2021 there have been a lot of security concerns involving Linux and macOS.

It took over 80 developers to sieve through the code that was developed and submitted by the University of Minnesota for the Linux kernel. The code itself was compromised and would have affected several key areas including networking and media. Thankfully none of the code made it into the kernel and the university has been advised to ensure that all code is checked by a senior developer before submission.

Linux Kernel Panic
Adhiansyah Ancha, GPL, via Wikimedia Commons

Apple recently updated their latest OS, Big Sur to patch a vulnerability that was exposed through the malware XCSSET. Discovered in 2020, by Trend Micro, the malware targeted developers who were creating projects using Xcode. The malware was injected into apps that already had set permissions, which went under the radar. This meant that any of the apps that were infected could record the screen, access the microphone, webcam and capture keystrokes. This could lead to the theft of identification of passwords and credit card details. If you haven’t already done so please update your OS to the latest version.

Whilst we are on the subject of apple. A rogue app, UPNP Xtreme, made its way into the App Store. This app demanded at least a three-star review before it would function. These sorts of tactics are used to rise up the rankings to become more popular. The app has since been removed from the store.

In November 2020’s edition, it featured an upcoming feature from Amazon that allowed Alexa to become part of a broader network and to effectively extend the range. The idea is that the devices use a small amount of bandwidth and if you lose your internet connection, they can still operate. Roaming devices can utilise the network. In the USA they are rolling out sidewalk to Echo devices and Ring Spotlight and Floodlight cams. I am still sceptical about Sidewalk, its privacy issues and what it has to offer if anything!

If you are interested in security you may like the following browser extensions.

All Things CSS

Like it or loathe it CSS has become increasingly purposeful over the past 10 years. We are spoilt for choice compared to the days where you had to employ many hacks just to get your web page to display correctly in the dreaded Internet Explorer. Thankfully those days are long gone and browsers are singing from the same hymn sheet more or less.

CSS Code

CSS, also known as Cascading Style Sheets, recently celebrated its 25th Birthday. The CSS we see today is nothing like the original. With the release of Version 3, we saw animation, web fonts and text effects and layout features like Flexbox were introduced. CSS began to make sites sexy. With this in mind learn how CSS is parsed in the browser.

If any of you out there are curious about learning CSS, even games can help teach you. Learning can be fun but CSS can also be a nightmare. CSS Hell has a collection of common mistakes with steps on how to fix them. Once you have or you think you have mastered CSS here is a list of techniques to master in 2021.

Web Design Resources

Like CSS web design has evolved over the last 25 years. Designing sites using nested tables wasn’t ideal in the early 2000s but you can only have what’s available at that time. Web design has improved but has also become harder. You have to design for every screen resolution, mobile device and also deal with an ever-changing industry.

Scrabble Tiles

The only way to learn is to keep practising and ask questions along the way. You will make mistakes but as with all walks of life, learn from them. Once you have acquired a good depth of knowledge you can give back to the web design community.

Coding Resources

If you are developing with TypeScript you might be interested to learn about Kretes. The rapid programming environment combines a web framework and an editor to develop your projects.

The Best of the Rest in May 2021

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