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Hot New Web Dev – October 2023

Welcome to Hot Web Dev October 2023, featuring the latest technology and web development news. This month features a very humble birthday celebration for a fast-evolving learning platform. We explore how the role of a web designer has changed over the past 13 years along with other bugbears of visiting a website in 2023. The tool of the month can save you thousands of pounds if you are a PHP developer.

Let’s Celebrate FreeCodeCamp

Ever asked, “How to learn to code?” If the answer is yes then you will have come across FreeCodeCamp as one of the popular answers. Nine years ago a developer called Quincy Larson set out on a mission to build the first version of FreeCodeCamp to educate others in the large field of development.

Now it has over 10,400+ tutorials and offers certifications in web technologies, data science, machine learning and more. Recently, they also teamed up with Microsoft to offer professional certifications in C#. Here is to another 9 years and many thanks for making the resources available for everyone to use. 🥂

A humble tweet on X

Does Your Web Design Suck?

If you are a web designer and started developing websites before 2010 then you will have noticed that there isn’t such a role anymore. Gone are the days when you built a website using Macromedia Dreamweaver. Created a design in Photoshop and sliced it up or wrote static HTML, CSS and JavaScript. I even built my first website using functional PHP! The role has been split into UX Designer and front-end developer.

Web design takes a back seat in favour of frontend and CSS frameworks. Where does accessibility fit into these roles or is that another job role? Don’t get me started on websites you can’t even load because adverts take up three-quarters of the space or cookie consent notifications, they drive me mad.

At the end of the day, the roles have changed but web designers are still needed.


Why your web design sucks

Coding Resources

Want to learn JavaScript and are not sure where to start? Before going down the route of of starting with a framework such as React, Vue or Svelte try learning JS with a comprehensive guide on how to master JavaScript. If you want to practice whilst learning try the JavaScript algorithms and data structure course on FreeCodeCamp.

If you are not certain of what you want to learn and need more of an overall list of resources take a look at 42 developer resources to kickstart your coding journey.

Web Tool Of The Month

The tool of the month is for PHP developers. The web is always a common target for exploits in code and vulnerabilities. PHPSecure is an online browser-based scanner that scans your code for vulnerabilities and gives you a detailed security report on how to fix them.

PHP Secure’s scanner is capable of analyzing CMS platforms such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla and web applications built using PHP, including the Laravel framework.

PHPSecure scans your code for various vulnerabilities, including XSS, SQL, directory traversal and Remote Code Executions.

Usually, this type of scanner would cost thousands so give it a try and save some money.

The Best of the Rest in October 2023

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