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Hot New Web Dev – September 2023

Welcome to Hot Web Dev September 2023, featuring the latest technology and web development news. Wow, September had been a busy month with the release of iOS 17 and MacOS Sonoma. So much has happened this month that we do not have time to fit them in. However, we have time to celebrate other companies that have helped shape the web instead. In this edition, we also feature top new technology announced, the usual coding insights and tool of the month.

Birthdays for Google, Cloudflare and Stackoverflow

September has been full of memorable birthdays, on the 27th Google marked its 25th Birthday with a blog post to show the brief history of how it was created and all the celebrations and doodles that have appeared on every Birthday since. The Internet has changed vastly since its inception, but it remains a period where the Internet and its users needed a decent search engine as much as people used and needed a phone book.

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Cloudflare celebrates its 13th birthday. They celebrate by looking back at other notable big releases, such as the iPhone 4 and the very first iPad. Cloudflare has helped shape the Internet with universal SSL, protecting Internet traffic for its users and the service protecting many large-scale applications and corporate networks.

If you work in an IT or technology-related industry, you will have likely used Stackoverflow. The knowledge base site celebrates 15 years with an infographic of the most popular topics throughout its 15 years, alongside other popular releases over the same period. Hot topics covered in September 2008 included C# and .net. Current hot topics are predominantly Python and JavaScript. This shows how programming languages have evolved.

Raspberry Pi Announce New Model

It was announced this month that a new Raspberry Pi is being released. Welcome the Raspberry Pi 5, the first release since 2019. The new model has a faster processor and comes with either 4 or 8GB of memory. It supports dual 4k display output and better speed when connecting to cameras and displays.

The performance is 2-3 times faster than the Pi 4. One notable feature is an on/off switch that has frustrated users since its first release. It should start shipping globally within the next month. Whatever you use the Pi for the new release will be welcomed. Let the competition commence.

Coding Resources

Shortly after August’s monthly magazine was released, the hugely popular static site generator Astro released 3.0. This version includes support for the View Transitions API. Previously it was made possible inside JavaScript single page applications (SPA’s).

Other features include stable image optimisation, faster rendering performance, improved support for connecting to hosting platforms, and faster refresh support for React and Preact components. The output HTML is minified automatically and CSS output has improved.


Astro Blog

Web Tool Of The Month

The tool of the month is an alternative to the Node Server. Bun is a drop-in replacement for Node and is now out of beta. Bun is built using JavaScriptCore, which powers the Safari web browser, whereas Node and Deno use the V8 engine that you will find in Google Chrome.

The JavaScript runtime and toolkit speed boast up to 30x faster than Yarn and 29x faster than NPM when installing packages. The built-in package manager installs any node packages in a central place, so there is no need to have node_modules folders in each of your projects.

Some notable other features of Bun include out-of-the-box support for TypeScript and JSX. You can run it as a package manager with its built-in bundler and transpiler. Therefore, there is no need to install additional bundlers such as NPM or Yarn. Try Bun, If you want speed and performance in your development environment.

The Best of the Rest in September 2023

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