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Hot New Web Dev – June 2024

Welcome to Hot Web Dev June 2024, featuring the latest technology and web development news. This month announce the new features in the latest MacOS release and how security as a software developer is important. Free learning resources cover TypeScript, Nest JS and Data structures & Algorithms. The tool of the month goes icon mad.

MacOS Updates

Apple has officially announced the next version of the MacOS operating system. MacOS Sequoia will be released later on in the year. It features a new password manager app that stores more items including passkeys, verification codes and shared passwords. This will be available across iOS devices and sync with Windows using iCloud.

The most anticipated feature is window management which previously only worked by installing a separate app such as Rectangle.

Apple Intelligence is a suite of AI tools that work across all Apple devices that support it. It features tools that can compose email replies, summarise text inside apps and will work alongside Siri.

iPhone mirroring will be possible which will allow you to control your iPhone, drag and drop files, such as images and access notifications.

If you are a gamer and have the latest M processor you will see more games coming your way with the Resident Evil series being released and a game porting toolkit for developers to port their games across.


The Verge

Learning Resources

TypeScript is a strongly typed superset of JavaScript that brings static typing and other advanced features to the language. It offers improved tooling, better code organization, and increased productivity for web developers. TypeScript is widely used in the industry and has extensive support and resources available for learning, including free courses on platforms like Udemy.

data codes through eyeglasses
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If you are a web developer looking to enhance your skills, consider learning NestJS. NestJS is a powerful framework for building scalable and efficient server-side applications using TypeScript. It follows the modular architecture pattern and provides a solid foundation for creating complex web applications. With its extensive support and free learning resources, such as the 6 best online resources to learn NestJS for free, you can easily dive into this framework and stay up-to-date with the latest trends in web development.

Taking learning a step further If you want to enhance your knowledge of data structures and algorithms you will find helpful resources in the following 10 popular YouTube channels.

Coding Resources

When it comes to being a software developer one of your tasks is to build software using robust, maintainable and testable code. This is true but do you take into consideration security? There are many ways in which security can be beefed up. Uploading your files using FTP is a method which is not recommended anymore. All data should be encrypted so SFTP would be more secure.

Are you storing your code on GitHub? Don’t forget to add sensitive files, such as passwords and environmental variables to the .gitignore.

Securing your APIs from abuse is one particular challenge. One such method is to limit the number of requests to an endpoint to protect it from overuse, which can disrupt traffic. If your API is private you must ensure that authentication has been added to prevent illegitimate traffic from accessing your secure data.

With security breaches on the rise, developers must ensure that they have made their software secure by updating the software and hardware it resides on. Monitoring the vital components and the traffic that runs through it will further improve the software.

Remember that roughly 95% of data breaches are due to human error so aim to minimise the risk by being security conscious.

WOW Tool Of The Month

Are you looking for a comprehensive gallery of icons for your latest project? Icons Gallery has over 10,000 icons which can be copied or exported as an SVG. It contains libraries such as Material Design, Cupertino, Icofont, Bootstrap and Ionic. It also features a convenient search function which displays the icons you need from all the libraries. It’s a must for any developer to have in their toolbox.

The Best of the Rest in June 2024

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