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Mobile web design and development have soared with the ubiquity of smartphones and tablets. As more people access the internet on-the-go, ensuring a seamless and responsive mobile experience is paramount. Mobile-first design, a philosophy that prioritizes mobile usability, is no longer a luxury but a necessity. With tools like progressive web apps and responsive design frameworks, developers can cater to users across all devices.

Top Android Phones in 2013

Look everywhere around you and you will see almost everyone using their smartphone – either making a call or surfing the net. There are actually more than one billion smartphone users in the world and the number is expected to double in two years according to research made by Strategy Analytics.

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Low Cost iPhone is at Apple’s Charts – Product Rumors Are In The Air!

iPhone fans can get a low-cost device now, as Apple is going to launch that sooner. Some say the low-cost Smartphone would be either fully plastic body or a combo of metal and plastic. It would be a downgrade from the previous metal or glass design, sources revealed at DigiTimes.
DigiTimes said without mentioning the supply chain sources that the main purpose of using a plastic body in the device is to cut the manufacturing cost of the phone. However, some other sources revealed that the phone would have a mixture of plastic and metal, with internal parts visible from outside.

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Review – Visopix Ultra Mini Keyboard

I have had my hands on a Visopix Ultra Mini Keyboard to road test for 2 weeks now. The Visopix works on computers, running either Windows, Linux or Mac, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Set Top boxes, HD players, tablets and Smartphones and comes with a built in laser for presentations. It boasts a full qwerty keyboard with a touchpad and mouse buttons.

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The Worst Mobile Phones Ever

While mobile phones are a great reminder of mankind’s genius and a real indication of how far we’ve come since the ancients, some models have simply been so dreadful they would’ve failed to impress cavemen. These are simply the worst mobile phones we wished we’d never bought; the ones that we’re glad we dropped on the hard concrete.

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Fix 3G Error after Upgrading Android on HTC Desire HD

Ever since upgrading my HTC Desire HD to the latest version of Android (2.3.5) I have had no 3G mobile network. This just requires a simple fix to set your mobile settings to its default. Simply follow the next few steps to fix the problem.

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Why I Would Choose Android OS over iPhone OS

Back in January I renewed my mobile contract and got a HTC Desire HD smartphone with the android operating system. I love everything about it apart from the slightly poor battery life which is probably not helped with my Wifi being constantly on but hey I spend all my spare time on my computer so I can quickly charge it up. I do like Apple products but there is one thing that Android does better.

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