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Welcome to the worldoweb's Articles Hub – a curated space where the realms of coding, web design, and business converge. Dive into the latest industry news, explore insightful perspectives on contemporary business trends, and immerse yourself in a rich tapestry of code tutorials and design insights.

Checklist to Complete Before Your Website Goes Online

Launching a brand new website is a big moment. Something you’ve been working will be released to the world. If you want your website perfect and to shine brightly you need to check everything carefully. You don’t need bugs, which will distract users and cause problems. The secret of success lies in patience. If you were building a website for months, you also need a careful final check. Haste is not an option here!

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Hot Web Design and Development – December 2020

Welcome to December’s roundup of News, Web Design and Development resources. 2020 has been a difficult year around the globe but it’s been a bumper year for dev resources.  This month’s edition features Google’s AMP lawsuit over illegal practices. December’s edition also features web design tools and JavaScript resources.

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Top 10 Super YouTube Coders for Learning

Welcome to my Top 10 YouTube coders for learning. I would have to admit I didn’t really get into YouTube until a year or so ago. I started doing a course myself and was looking around for some inspiration. My list is formed from my own opinion.  I’m open to hearing your own thoughts in the comment section.

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Easy JavaScript Guessing Game – Part 1

The JavaScript guessing game tutorial is a simple beginners project. It features modern JavaScript syntax and runs without a Framework. In this part, we will build the basic functionality and in further parts, we will customise it further. If you want to how this guessing game advances check out part 2.

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How To Become a Successful Freelance Web Designer

Being a freelance web designer comes with many perks. You get to choose your hours, workload, pay rate, and clients. You get to pick projects based on your interests, skills, and strengths.

But freelance web design is also a business, it’s not just about creative work. And running a business is never easy. To succeed as a freelance web designer, you need to develop the right roadmap.

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Hot Web Design and Development – November 2020

Welcome to the November 2020 roundup of Web Design and Development news. In this month’s edition, we feature the release of Mac’s latest OS. The 8th Version of the PHP programming language has been released. The changes appear to make it nicer to work with.  Only time will tell!

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Top Tips for a Career in Technology

If you are exploring a career in tech, this article might be of some help. Technology is a vast area, and it covers lots of diverse subjects. Coding, database management, network engineering or even SEO. Deciding which path to go down is a difficult decision. You may end up finding something else that you like along the way. Eventually, you may get to your destination sooner or later than planned.

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Hot Web Design and Development – October 2020

Welcome to the October 2020 roundup of Web Design and Development news. This month we have seen the release of Ubuntu 20.10 which now has support to work with Raspberry Pi. Microsoft released the latest Windows 10, October update.

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Hot Web Design and Development – September 2020

Welcome to the September 2020 roundup of Web Design and Development news. This month we have seen the release of iOS 14 and the leak of Windows XP source code. Vue, the JavaScript framework, has had a major upgrade to version 3. Would it be fair to compare Python and JavaScript?

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Finding your Career Path in Tech – Lifetime Learning

The tech industry has evolved over the last 12 years since starting this blog. Techniques have changed and so have the software and infrastructure behind them. Moving at this fast pace can be daunting to anyone new in the development field. Finding the right career path can be a challenge. One that can be equally rewarding!

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